I love Brick House! I started coming in July and not only am I more fit, but I have found a great group of people that make me want to work out because I get to see them every day. There is a real sense of camaraderie and everyone is very friendly which makes it easy to feel comfortable even if you are a newcomer. I look forward to going to the group classes and the coaches are all amazing because they help you with your form and technique, but also give you that little push to work harder. Even if you are beginner you can scale the workouts to match your ability, and once you get stronger you can keep pushing the envelope until you can complete the RX workouts. If you are looking to find a Crossfit gym, this is the place to be and I would recommend it to everyone because Brick House is full of awesome people.
– Christine Fell

I’ve been going to Brick House for over a year and went from the worst shape to the best shape of my life. I first found the gym looking for personal training on Yelp. After reading the reviews and meeting with Jorge, I decided to give it a go and haven’t looked back since.
– Robert B.

I used to work out in 24 hour fitness gyms for years before I took a hiatus for couple of years – wanted to get back in shape but didn’t want to go back to the same boring bench, incline, decline press etc. routine. Then I found BH and it’s been a wonderful experience – no way I’ll ever go back to any regular gym. Jorge, Diego and Fred are amazing instructors and they work with every individual to assess their goals and then partner with you to achieve them. The Crossfit WODs they have tailored, push you to the limit and challenge you to go beyond . Thanks to these guys I have realized I am capable of achieving goals I thought were beyond me. You get fit and kick ass while having fun. Nothing can beat that.
– Mannish J.

If you have always wanted to try CrossFit but haven’t ever taken that plunge, I implore you to try Brick House Fitness! I have tried everything in my life (I’m 50 now) when it comes to working out and NOTHING has worked or made me happier than my CrossFit training at Brick House Fitness!
– Sandra F.

Within the first 3 months I saw my cholesterol, triglyceride, and glucose levels all return to the normal range, along with my blood pressure. During the first 6 months I lost 30 lbs. and feel like a new man. I’ve seen the progress that can be made with the right coaching by a knowledgeable trainer who knows how to achieve results effectively through hard work and fun.
– Enzie L.

Jorge, Diego and Fred each bring something unique to the Brick House experience, the collaboration of their styles make up a unique fitness experience that simply cannot be found elsewhere. I was pushed to a level of fitness I though I was incapable of attaining … I weigh less (I never came here to lose weight, it just happened!) I eat better, and have less frequent migraine headaches. Coach Fred also taught me some incredible pain management techniques to cope with my scoliosis, and this been the key ingredient I’ve needed to push me to the next level of lifting — finally!
– Jenny M.

There is just something about the energy at Brickhouse, I’m pushed to reach deep and finish. The coaches never give up on me, even when they have to put up with my ‘you have got to be kidding’ face and use of colorful language.
– Justin