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Build yourself - brick by brick


A dedication to building the most important home you will ever live in (your body)



"I watched myself get stronger and so much more fit in my time at Brickhouse, and I could continue to challenge myself in these workouts no matter how in shape I felt."

Jenna Goeke

"Brickhouse has an effective workout program to meet your fitness goals. I have lost 20lbs and kept all of my muscle mass."


"As someone who struggles to find the time to workouts, I love that I can get a really good workout in just 1 hour"


" Love this gym so much! I want to move here just to continue working out here, the workouts are Killers"

Stephanie L

"I'm almost at my goal weight and learned the importance of building strength to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Throughout this process I've regained my confidence, met amazing new friends, and developed a routine that helps with both my physical and mental health."

Melissa H

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