Started on January 24, 2020

The Brick House Fitness Nutrition plan is based on Precision Nutrition protocols. Precision Nutrition is a very in depth plan that takes into account many different factors. Getting someone to be successful for the long term is not quite as simple as calories in versus calories out. We take into account age, daily activity level, exercise level, food preferences, emotional triggers, motivating factors, learning style, realistic short and long term goals, as well as a whole host of other biomarkers. After all this we teach you sustainable systems on how to implement positive changes and improve your health for life. The bottom line is we find out what works for you!

Forming sustainable healthy habits
Body Re-composition
Sports Performance
Food Diary Monitoring
Goal Setting (long and short term)
Nutrition Education

Meal Planning and Templates
Shopping lists
Making healthy menu selections
Eating well while traveling
Working with dietary restrictions

Whether you want to lose body fat, put on muscle, increase athletic performance, or just lean out a bit we can help! Contact us here for more information or to get started.