Started on January 24, 2020

These workouts are fun and intense; the main goal is to enhance and promote your health and fitness levels to prepare you mentally and physically to be Fit for Life. We utilize infinite combinations of gymnastics, running, rowing, squatting, Olympic lifts, dumbbells, kettlebells, and much more. If you’re looking for extremely well rounded fitness in a fun and motivating group setting, this is an excellent option.


Develop lean muscle, reduce body fat, and improve aesthetics
Improve muscular stamina and endurance
Effective cross-training for other pursuits, including endurance events and field-based sports
Improve all-around health, including biomarkers such as cholesterol level, resting heart rate, and blood pressure
Community-based atmosphere to improve motivation and drive results.


At Brickhouse Fitness we have a unique one on one fundamentals program, and is required for all new members that have never done CrossFit before. This program will help build your foundation and prepare you for our CrossFit classes. Please contact us to get started.

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