Started on January 24, 2020

This class is great for anyone who is new to CrossFit or exercise in general. Bootcamp will utilize mostly body weight exercises and will also feature light kettlebell work, sandbags,running and rowing just to name a few. No barbell work will be featured in Bootcamp.


  • Decreased body fat
  • Weight Loss
  • Increased strength
  • A fun supportive environment
  • The ability to increase your overall Fitness


Small Group Training: Enjoy the benefits of personal training for a fraction of the price! Small group training provides you the same focus and attention as one-on-one training, however you are much more motivated as you are going through the workout with others.

Nutrition Challenge: Learn how food is fuel for your body. We will teach you about eating real food; no diets, no fads, just real food and as much as you want! Participants will pair up in teams of two, hold each other accountable and support one another in hopes to lose the most body fat as a team!

Team Building: Come sweat and reach your goals in a fun-filled and supportive environment.